New molds 43 cm are available for order. Orders are accepted only through the site. Here you can learn more about dolls, available sets, terms and conditions. The quantity is limited.

What is BJD and blank series?
Ball Jointed Doll is a movable sculpture, assembled onto silicone tapes, for fixing the poses. The blank series is produced without painting, wig and clothes, allowing you to create your own image. Optionally, you can select additional options by including them in the order.
Doll's options
Molds: Shanti, Martisha, Jackie,
Sunny, Magenta, Rhein, Medusa, Joe, Freddy
Production: resin
Year of manufacture: 2022

Height: 42 cm (flat feet), 42,5 cm (high heel feet),
43 cm (ballet feet)
Head circumference: 11,7 cm
Chest girth: 11,6 cm (1), 13,2 cm (2), 13,5 cm (3)
Waist: 9,3 cm
Hips: 15,8 cm
Leg length: 21 cm

New MSD collection 2022
Below the features are available for order.
Magnetic mount inside the head allows you to change faces. Nine faces are available for order.
Magnetic hands and feet
Allows you to quickly change hands and feet, as well as more convenient to wear clothes.
Different body options
Eight types of body. Three types of chest to choose from small, medium or large. Five types of hands to choose from: classic, expressive or claws, as well as a bent palm and gloves with knives. Three types of feet to choose from flat, high heel or ballet feet.
Steps for buying
Choose set
Click the Pre-order button, select the required options and add the item to the cart.
Choose wig (optional)
Click the Pre-order button, select the required options and add the item to the cart.
Choose Blush and makeup (optional)
Click the Pre-order button, select the required options and add the item to the cart.
Choose accessories (optional)
Click the Pre-order button, select the required options and add the item to the cart.
Place order
In the cart, select the desired quantity, enter the contact info, shipping address and payment method.
Order confirmation
Wait for a letter with order confirmation and payment instructions. Just in case, check the spam folder. If you make a mistake in choosing or if you have any questions please email us
Please read the terms and conditions of an order before purchasing.
How long it will take to get my order?
After ordering and as the queue is formed, you can select the desired month for receiving the doll. We will discuss this in a reply letter.

The first queue of dolls will be ready in October 2022 (open)
The second queue of dolls will be ready in November 2022 (open)
The third queue of dolls will be ready in December 2022 (open)
The fourth queue of dolls will be ready in January 2023 (open)
The fifth queue of dolls will be ready in February 2023 (open)
The sixth queue of dolls will be ready in March 2023 (open)
The seventh queue of dolls will be ready in April 2023 (open)
The eighth queue of dolls will be ready in May 2023 (open)

All items will be send via standard EMS, Boxberry, CDEK or express DHL (shipping from Russia available). The cost of the delivery will be calculated after the order is complete.
Payment and layaway
Payment is not accepted through the site. We will send you payment instructions via email after you place an order. Available payment methods are discussed individually.

  • PayPal
  • Other payment methods (discussed individually)

The payment will be completed in three steps:

  1. Prepayment ($350). Please note that the pre-payment won't be returned even if you cancel the order because each doll is unique and made to order.
  2. The second payment is 50% of the price is should be made while the doll is still in a process. Before the final payment, the order can be cancelled and the second payment will be returned in full.
  3. The last payment that also includes the price of the delivery should be made before the doll is sent. Once the final payment is done, the order can't be cancelled and the money won't be returned.
After the delivery
The buyer is responsible for all the delivery expenses.

After the delivery, you have 5 days to make sure that the doll is in good condition. If something is not right, please let us know. Our email is Please include the number of your order.

If you also order unique makeup, hairstyle, or personilised other details, please note that all the changes will cost extra.

The doll is not made for kids and should be handled with care. If something breaks, you can always get in touch with the artist and ask about the repair.

Please note that the artist is not responsible for any damage or if the repairs were made by another person.
Available sets
Blush and makeup
Melian Dolls
Melian Dolls are collectible art dolls made of porcelain and resin.
Images with aesthetic enjoyment, ethereal souls and lot of kindness wich inspires people. We try to convey all this in our works and share with the world.

Olga and Evgenii
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